There are 220791 Capes!
There are 7788 Elytras!

MinecraftElytras is a Mod designed for Minecraft. Created by James09050, it allows you to wear any elytra you wish in-game, cost free. That will be seen by everyone using the mod.

  1. Create an account on our website by going to the register page. (MinecraftElytras is linked with MinecraftCapes) Your website username must be the EXACT same as your "Minecraft Username" This makes sure the Mod code knows your in-game name to give you the elytra.

  2. Download the prefered version of the mod. You can find this at the "download" tab. Once you have downloaded the mod, install it to your game. "Videos are located below to help".

  3. Either upload your own, or find an elytra Online. When making your own make sure it stays by the pixel guidlines [64px x 32px]. After this, right Click and save the image to your desktop.

  4. Go to the "Upload Elytra" page and upload your Elytra to the website.

  5. Open your game. LOOK YOU HAVE A CAPE!!! MAGIC HUH! Wasn't Hard Was it?




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